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Oh the struggle.

I thought staying in today would mean I could get my power point started and my objectives finished. But as always nothing can go right in my life, Microsoft word is not activated nor is power point Microsoft. It makes me think of the things that don’t according to plan, not everything I plan goes to plan. Just like when I was in high school I thought someone who I was in love with would be with me but hey that did not happen. Or like the time when you set up something great with your best friend and it doesn’t happen, at 16 she and I were planning on going to college together and getting an apartment, well that didn’t go as planned with my her at all.

Now this time I planned on getting some work done to earn a grade up, and this stupid piece of crap does not work. But surprisingly I am not complaining as much because at least we have a new pc for work.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, the school I am going to well it is great they have career services. I admit I am nervous for my future interviews. But I know I will succeed because it is time to help around the house to start helping. To provide for my family and such, fingers crossed I have step 1 completed and move on to step 2.

Well you little skitch


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